A month of fart jokes with my eight year old nephew

Jayden, my nephew, came and spent a month with me this summer.

He decided that he really wanted to raise chickens.  So I got him 2 layers and 3 meat birds.  The mini bantam, named 'Fancy Pants', turned out the be the best sidekick we could ever ask for.  She went everywhere with us; hiking, swimming, camping, even kayaking!  She just always hung around us, sleeping near us and staying close even while she foraged for food.

We spent the whole month hiking, swimming, and foraging, and telling fart jokes.  For real.  And we somehow transformed into gourmet wild chefs, making things like fire roasted cattail greens with barbecue sauce (that was a hit), cattail-pollen-nettle-bearfat donuts topped with currant and wild honey jam, currant bourbon cobbler, and fresh, sweet fir cones copped into wild harvested salads.

Of course, part of the deal of raising chickens was learning where buffalo wild wings actually come from.  So we approached the art of death together, with respect, honor, and confidence.