Reindeer Blood

We found reindeer blood at the grocery store!

Cooking reindeer blood with thinly sliced smoked reindeer meat.  The blood ends up becoming just like a ground meat in texture, with a richer, creamier flavor.

Served with a few chunks of gorgonzola cheese.  Perfect!

The next day, we cooked reindeer blood "pancakes" using just ground flax, chia seeds, and blood.  Mixed it all together, let it set, then poured it into a skillet and cooked them.  Topped with smoked reindeer meat, a poached egg, and crema fraiche.  Fucking wonderful.

Then later that day, four older Swedish women were serving a "Pelt" lunch at the historic homestead in town.  Everyone was raving about their cooking, so we went to try it out.  "Pelts" are a sort of potato dumpling thing.  You get white (potato) or black (blood) pelts, served with lignon berries, butter, and a sweet gravy.

Then to finish out our beautifully, deliciously bloody day, we made reindeer blood ice lanterns.